As Much As Possible Sustainability

At Your Service

Upgrade your management system to include CSR and sustainability? Audit a supplier far away? Translate standards and tools to your unique organisation? Here are some services we have delivered so far.

  1. Hire a sustainability manager/coordinator
    Together we develop the Terms of Reference for your environmental/CSR/SR/Sustainability person. Then we make it happen. You hire us a few days a week and get access to advice and support - as much as possible - 7 days a week. Your organization quickly reaches marching speed for sustainability, while you develop your next steps and organization.

  2. Training and inspiration
    Together we develop relevant training packages, workshops and presentations. Wide roll-outs or targeted groups, such as management teams, purchasing teams, projects or newly acquired operations: it is all about fact-based inspiration. 

  3. Strategy, implementation, follow-up 
    Together we develop whatever is needed to reach your strategic objectives: gap-analysis, policies/Code of Conduct, procedures, supply chain development, set targets, action plans. Management systems and audits are excellent tools, also in for the sustainability work.

  4. Communication and market 
    Together we develop an external analysis and identify your position and potential for differentiation. Environmental and sustainability reporting are important tools but one should not underestimate the communication needed on products and services. We can also help you find relevant and credible community projects that fits Your profile. 

  5. Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
    Together we analyze and meet your stakeholders through constructive dialogue that builds relations. If you need facilitation or a speaking partner for sustainability, we are here. 

  6. Focus areas 
    Together we identify and prioritize areas of greater risk or opportunity. Some of the areas where AMAP Sustainability can offer unique insights are: environmental management systems based on ISO 14001 (including 2015 revisions), ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility, ISO 20121 Sustainable Events, ISO 20400 Guidance on Sustainable Procurement, ISO 37001 Anti-bribery management system, UN Global Compact 10 principles, GRI - Global Reporting Initiative standard for sustainability reporting, waste management, climate change, biodiversity, commodity labels (e.g. FSC, MSC, BCI), eco-labels and declarations, human rights, consumer issues, health and safety.